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Keep Dampness At Bay With 5 Magical Solutions To Safeguard Your Home

One thing you never want in your home is for dampness to appear. Once it does you know you have all sorts of problems. Your home becomes an infestation ground for dust mites and mold. You might start to have problems with your health. All because something never got a chance to dry out. You don’t have to worry about this if you know what you’re looking for. As soon as you spot dampness you can easily get it sorted before it’s too late, or even prevent it from happening. Here’s some things to look out for and hopefully they will save you from ever having serious problems in the future.

Check for cracks around your home

You’ll have to take a walk around your home and start looking for cracks that appear. On the outside this could mean that rain will find its way into the cracks, which it sometimes does because water is smarter than we give it credit for. This is an even bigger problem if the cracks or holes appear near the bottom of your walls, because it’s then even easier for water to get in and it won’t just be a little rain. Once inside it could start to dampen the inside of your walls and even find its way into your home.

Have someone check the roof every year

Tiles aren’t the greatest invention in the world and they do actually crack quite a bit. This could either be caused by something falling on them, or the weather could tear them apart. Then sometimes the just fall apart from old age. But when they become faulty you will begin to see problems because that’s when water can get inside your home. Once in it’s easy for it to cause dampness in the attic and it will also come down your walls. You can usually see big problems because the wall will be soaking wet.

Don’t forget about under your home

These days you’ll find most homes have a way for the water to get away when it goes underneath your home. Something as simple as chipping stones under the soil will eventually let the water drain away. When you don’t have any and it’s nothing but thick soil you might find the water has no way of escaping. It could start rising and getting into your interior walls. These days you usually have a space in between your wall which helps stop the problem, but if you have an older home you might have to start digging.

Use extractor fans

You should make use of extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom. As you’ve probably noticed there’s a lot of steam floating around in each place and not doing anything about it could lead to problems. You always have the option of opening windows, but it seems like a lot of work for nothing. You’d be much better just getting extractor fans and you only need to flick a switch when you want to steam to be taking care of. You will eventually get sick and tired of having to open the windows all the time now that you know steam can cause dampness. You don’t want to be opening the bathroom window on a cold winter morning.

Check your washing machine

If your washing machine isn’t plumbed properly you could get water leaking out the back of it. This isn’t going to drain away too easily and makes the perfect home for dampness. If you’re washing your clothes most days it means the wet patch will never go away and it will eventually make its way into places you never knew existed. Unless something is watertight it means it can literally get everywhere. Get rid of the problem when you can still see it.

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