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How To Organize A Sucessful Moving Sale In 5 Steps

The most common type of moving sale when relocating is a garage sale or a yard sale. This provides the best way for you to reduce the amount of items that need to be moved and to make a small amount of money in the process. You can do this by following five simple steps.

The first step that is required is to plan the sale. You need to determine the best date that will ensure the most people will come to the sale. You will also need to make a list of items that will be included in the sale and a sale price. If you have a suitable amount of time, then go through your home over one to two weeks and collect an inventory of items to put in your moving sale.

The next step is to advertise and get the word out about your sale. This can be done by taking out an ad in the local paper and by word of mouth in your neighborhood. Another option is to pass out a flier that can be displayed at local businesses or attached to telephone poles. The goal is to display your flier in a high-traffic area. Make sure all your signs are visible and durable to withstand the weather.

A day or two before your sales you need to get organized. If you are planning a yard sale, then use your garage as a staging area. You will need to have tables ready and a place for every item. You will need to sort your items by creating categories for each table. This allows you to properly plan for the day of the sale. Make sure that you have enough tables to properly display all of your items.

Set your prices so they are simple for you to record and for buyers to easily calculate. Make sure all the prices are in increments of 25 cents. Another option is to have an area set aside for items that are priced at three for the price of two or something similar. You will need to have every item marked with a price tag or a sticker. Stickers used for prices should be bright colors and have a separate color for each price.

The goal of your moving sale is to get rid of items that you cannot move or no longer need. This means that there is no need to haggle much with a buyer. The items in your sale should also be clean to appear attractive to buyers.

If the day of your sale is looking to be hotter than normal, then offer bottles of water or other type of beverage. This will help to keep buyers from leaving your moving sale.

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